Posted on May 17, 2018


The Thursday morning “coffee, muffins and listen” at the Faculty Summer Institute is about Open Educational Resources.   This guy is from Libretexts and is going over the basics 🙂    This guy is still mainly about text as the mode for learning but it’s interesting to hear the perspective from the upper end of higher education; he’s about chemistry.   They are open but yes, their tech is from a commercial enterprise that doesn’t charge them much.  They will also work w/ you to make your own textbook… seems to be a lot of that going around which is a good thing 🙂

Another person arriving by bicycle 🙂

Yesterday I was leaving and somebody who’d been in my session noted my helmet and looked toward my bike:   “Is that you?”   Yes…. and she proceeded to comment on the bicycle, *not* on any peculiarity of riding the thing to a conference. Truly, deeply refreshing not to hear “How far do you ride???”

I’m going to think  more about the connection between instruction and activities and student retrieval and manipulation of stuff in their brains and then expressing that.

Also, somebody just asked this OER guy about videos as well as text and he answered yes, they’re doing that. THere was a whole session yesterday about how much video helped confused students in graduate classes who didn’t have math background for the toxicology course. THe session title talked about using videos in “technical” classes which I thought might be … welding? but no, they meant “stuff that requires math or science so it’s hard.”