Posted on May 2, 2018


…. “I got a 98 on the exam!”    Roots and rationals.   Happy tears.

98 … on a …. math…. exam 🙂 🙂

Also, student in TRN 050 … *   this first semester in college went by faster; thought it would “drag,” but … it’s the right place to be.   This is, of course, someboyd who lots of folks would declare shouldn’t be in college if that’s where the skills and knowledge are starting.

I don’t know why some students get this far with basically no math skills, but they are legion and it’s not because they can’t learn them.   Pretending they really know it already and need supported immersion in more advanced classes?   That hasn’t been working so well.

… and yes, I’m also informing people that spending half an hour calculating exactly what grade they need on the final to pass is not as useful as spending half an hour learning the material on the test.

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