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q u i e t

May 18, 2018


Friday, nobody here!   Exams over!   Fighting desire to curl up like a hedgehog 🙂 Somebody tweeted that a math book had students add mixed numbers by changing them to improper, adding, then changing back.  Some disdain. I said this was not as convoluted to the students as it seemed to them b/c converting to improper […]


May 17, 2018


The Thursday morning “coffee, muffins and listen” at the Faculty Summer Institute is about Open Educational Resources.   This guy is from Libretexts and is going over the basics 🙂    This guy is still mainly about text as the mode for learning but it’s interesting to hear the perspective from the upper end of higher […]

That’s done :)

May 17, 2018


…. about ten folks in my session and I think it went well (we’ll see from evals tho’ I forgot to say I have a very strong ego so to please be honest but at least one had actual words on it). The questions were all about the math instruction, not about the tech.   How […]

Links for my presentation

May 16, 2018


  Links from May 16 presentation:   Making Math cognitively accessible Workshop in Geogebra   — mostly basic arithmetic, but I use this for ideas.  printable number line generator       Perfect squares and cubes How to make five kinds of “foldables” for studying for students […]

Read between the tweets :)

May 11, 2018


Got draft of curriculum in!   Successfully created two little “connecting representation” exercises and some other visual stuff, living here in dropbox .   Need to keep going and make them for the bigger stuff, on the grounds that this is an awesome way to promote retrieval as opposed to guessing. connectingRepExerciseCubes  OK that should link to Word file… […]

thanks no-thanks

May 8, 2018


This post was just shared about making math visual.   I was wondering about making exponents visual and … yea, they’ve got an example (well almost — one of the dice has a four, not a five, in a display of five groups of five dice with five displayed). Resisting reading it because I’m at the “synthesize […]

New computer

May 6, 2018


Took the thing to work and got online and … htere were updates.   Happily, the updates seem to have cured the bug about “incorrect security key.” Went to screencastomatic so I can screencast downloading GIMP to this computer. The sound quality seems rather good so I might not even use the mic I got with […]