Posted on April 30, 2018


Penultimate week of classes so very busy in the a.m.   Quiet later, but felt I needed to touch base w/ online stuff so no work on STUFF except to think I might want to touch Geogebra first to make a star to use as an image to bring to GIMP with snipper.

I’m told GIMP has a new release … and hey, when my computer arrives I can screencast downloading it as if Iwere new.

So I decided I needed to make a star and … I’m not a geometry person 🙂   I went straight to YouTUbe … and found which in less than 3 minutes says how to do that (d’oh, make a pentagon and do segments inside — another video had a much more complicated path… ) *and* then make it a polygon and make a button to make them without all the steps.   DUDE.   It is, however, *very* temporary; if I leave and come back, it’s gone — but only the tool is gone, not the polygon, so I can just “make tool” and do it in about 20 seconds.

Must try to put something together for Rebus but .. that goes in the ‘possible’ part of the “necessary, possible, i-can-dream-can’t-i” chart b/c I am deeming necessary to *do* the screencasts for the presentations.   Making them will force me to figure out exactly what I want to say even if I decide to deviate in the real thing.