Virtual Conference!

Posted on April 20, 2018


It’s from   and they’re having a conference in Nashville, TN — but for some bucks people can attend virtually and … yes, it’s worth it.  I’m doing it like webinars — basically trying to see what I can glean when they’re live and hten going through stuff later because yes, anything livestreamed can be asynchronously accessed.   I’m not sure for how long …

I’m learning about VitalSource, which takes books (OER or whatever) and does the accessibility stuff to them, and says they add “interactivity,” and I’m thinking “the tech stuff that makes it better than a text on a screen.”  He talks about $20/ book (that would be OER)…

… and to see that I missed the one about creating instructional design media on a shoe-string budget and it’s not up yet 😉

Then there’s this article about Tennessee deciding to offer scholarships to adult learners and expecting 8000 applicants and they already have 12,000.   HELLO?

I wonder how many of them are worried about math…

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