My people are the caveat people

Posted on April 20, 2018


I’m skimming another article about math and tech — not developmental math. It is:  Sharp, L.A., & Hamil, M. (2018). Impact of a web-based adaptive supplemental digital resource on student mathematics performance. Online Learning, 22(1), 81-92.

I read the literature summary and… digital supplements might not work so well for assorted subpopulations.

THe results for using this stuff was positive for elementary, not significantly positive in high school.

It was noted that assorted standardized tests were used to measure performance…

It is consistent with the model that procedural practice is like memorizing sight words — you need to do some of it, but it makes less difference with more advanced content.

Fire alarm evacuation at 4:00 so … no more students (they went home).

Basically 3 more weeks of classes, then a week of exams.   Time to crunch 🙂

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