Fun, fun fun

Posted on April 3, 2018


TLDR  boring stuff on figuring out computer stuff…

Resorted to the Geogebra forum again – just to look for something and mirabile dictu, my question had appeared and I got an answer.   I’m 90% sure it’s what I posted as self-found answer in different terms.   There were some comments of varying constructiveness after that but I didn’t even have notifications in my mailbox as my first posts had (including the “question deemed unworthy” stuff).   Of course, it’s probably an algorithm and I’ve “been signed up” long enough so things don’t get screened rather than somebody having actually done anything.

Success at moving points … relieved that I went to blank thingy to test “why can’t I do two things w/ same If statement,” not having seen that d’oh, the first *thing* rendered the if part FALSE so it wasn’t going to do any more.   There may be a syntactical way to say If this do all of these things but it would not simplify things.

So it’s time to go and I think the storms are through, tho’ winds are 30 mph but TAIL :))


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