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March 19, 2018

0   This is a moderately awesome collection of extensions that make the web easier to manage, from speech to text to extensions that ferret out the ads … Spending a.m. trying to sneak a “facts practice” module into the Modumath lessons — hoping to have something that people who want to be able to figure […]

Pedagogy memory

March 16, 2018


My first lifeguard job was at a “2-man” apartment pool.   Two lifeguards w/ overlapping hours in middle of day at pool for apartment tenants.   Main duties: make it a fun, safe place. One quiet day I decided to learn to do a flip off diving board. I could “flip” in the water.   I had taken […]

Next Num Line Done :)

March 6, 2018


Whereas repeated retrieval is a good thing… I went back and wrote out everything I did for developing a number line activity doing it vertically instead of horizontally. I skipped the 3 steps for checking out whether the numbers were actually lined up on the number line (within 1 of the y axis) so it […]

That’s how stuff should work (I think)

March 6, 2018


In striking contrast to other tech experiences, yes  b/c more resources to make happen, I think this equatio in google docs for math might work.   Kinda wish I’d started this path two weeks ago ’cause it would make a great presentation at FSI.  Maybe somebody else is doing it, though. So my burning question is […]

More visuals :)

March 3, 2018


A site full of virtual manipulates, which seem to be javascript 😉 🙂 Free, but not “OER.” The Open Education people seem to be mostly about Changing How Institutions Do THings.   Power In Numbers has been about curating and sharing OER for adult ed.   This is at such a smaller scale! I keep finding […]


March 2, 2018

0    Want that poster on the board at my chimerical Termite Terrace constructing/adapting math lessons… it melds well with this post about gamification and cooperation (“less Candy Crush – more Dungeons and Dragons”)  


March 1, 2018


…. a student stated that for the first time in their life, the answer to a math question had just come to them.   (Yes, I’m adopting “they/them” for increased anonymity.) Better to get folks early, but college is not too late.   (Also, depending on individual, it’s never too late for smiley faces…) Successfully swapped fractions […]