Saturday :)

Posted on March 31, 2018


Holy Saturday….

We’re going to have a ‘teacher resource fair’ — a

“one-stop event for faculty to learn more about available textbook options and alternatives.  In addition, there could be sessions offered that day for faculty to present how they have used innovative textbook options, and we would also promote the resources available through the library and open access resources. ”

OF course, textbooks… aren’t the whole picture.   Let’s call it “creative content organization…”   (“content management” is so last year :))

Yes,   the logic to Geogebra came to me (I think…) in the first mile of commute home (the little stretch of Bradley coming out of campus).   TIme to go test it out!

(I did.   GOt stuck on a thing.  Decided time to do forum.  First, clicked “attach file” and the thing just posted.  No, really.  So edited quick to say “on my way.”  Posted question with screenshots, then asked if I needed to X and figured I did.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete a question.   So, I’m CONFIDENT I’m branded an even bigger fool and I’ll get the impersonal notification that the question has been refused. ‘

Since I know I’m dealing with snowflakes and Typical Tech Arrogants, I’ll not waste more time on that and go back to the old ways…  resolving that if I’m ever working with stuff like this I *won’t* have fifty ways to slap down newbies.

And happily, yea, the solution that came to me …. worked.   I need to set the value of both corners (so yes, I had to make new points for that, too, and I’m wincing at how inefficient I *may* be being, but I’ve been spoiled by the more highly evolved programs like Java that at least one teacher type  has figured out how to *teach* for understanding instead of “we’ll throw you in the deep end and you’ll figure it out.”  Ask any swim coach — those kiddos *usually* have lousy form.

They’ll survive.   They won’t like swimming.  They’ll only go so far.   It’s *not* because they can’t ; it’s because they didn’t get good instruction.

(Same deal with music.)

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