Need a bigger stovetop

Posted on March 28, 2018


Lots of pots on the fire!

All the stuff for the job, already.  Also: Power in Numbers, YES.   Going to Twitte rMath Camp.  Faculty Summer Institute presentation:  YES.   Holy Week!  Geogebra! Modumath lessons!

cpature of session summary

Wow.   And I described it as “just showing people how to do some stuff I already know how to do…”   Welp, Marva Collins always talked about eating that elephant one bite at a time…

… I’ve also had a bunch of atypical visits the past day or three.   I got to explain to student figuring out poetry why the a in apple isn’t the same as the a in maple (open vs. closed syllables) and how a vowel followed by r is going to be radically different.   The student asked about the difference between act and ang (which most people are blissfully unaware of)…

… and then this afternoon a person struggling with our learning management system… legitimately… DESIGN MATTERS, people… we could have lost this one *because* of their personal high standards and expectations.

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