Posted on March 24, 2018


Boring post — no fun links or resources.

No notice on the Faculty Summer INstitute status.   Happily, the thing I signed for Power In Numbers has enough detail so that … actually it is a *better* fit than the first one b/c it’s organizing lessons and creating a guide (which of course … I actually already have one but …  we’ll see if they’ll go for the “parts and wholes” or if I need to do something more advanced like the intro to equation solving.)

Enough sticky snow to … naw, I’m still going to try to head out to Douglass Park and march. It’s mostly on the grass, about an inch but falling now at 33 degrees.   I think the fat tires will be fine.

Watched a few more webinars from the Rebus COmmunity.   I’m not exactly sure what it is – it’s funded by Hewlett Foundation and … the webinars are people talking about open textbooks (at least the ones I watched).   It’s out there for all to see though… comments are disabled.

Very informative to me in my little hermitage.   Yes, apparently, there are huge problems giving people money to work on things.   Have to be sure to work with Human REsources, etc.   None of these people were doing math.   Some of them *did* do the whole thing by themselves and there was discussion of the contexts to make that possible and different ways to do it.  Happily, some of these were *not* the OpenStax “huge markets only!”  books.   Talk of cultures and how sometimes profs assumed a “free textbook” meant an easy course (snork).

Choice tidbits though:   “It’s really hard to share interactives… that’s a gap right now.”   (apparently they’re working on some but I think it’s for quizzes which means all the security stuff and the nervous profs about getting quiz questions out there).   And… they are “looking for an affordable math and science homework tool.”

It’s annoying deeply, deeply b/c WE HAVE THE TALENT to do that.  Welp, I’ll talk 🙂

… but… in the meantime, I wnat ot figure out how to do a connecting representations drag and drop on geogebra.


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