Posted on March 23, 2018


I just watched the webinar from last week (the one where I asked most of the questions – 2 and a followup).   I learned a lot about OpenStax and open textbooks, including that it takes between half a million and a million dollars to get an actual book out there because they actually have high standards and use lots of resources for editing and content and editing and proofreading and editing 🙂     I’m willing to wager certain non-open math materials our students use didn’t get that much attention.   THe fees for certain of the ‘supplemental’ resources are what pay for sustaining the books (tho’ they still need Hewlett and Gates, etc…)

Yes, I was picked for Cohort Two of Power in Numbers!!

Yes, I’m supposed to find out today if my proposal was picked for the Faculty Summer INstitute.   (If I remember correctly, it was sent out some absurdly late time on the ‘date’ last year.)

Yes, I’m goign to put together a proposal for the OpenEd conference in New York.   They even have

  • MODELS: Models Supporting the Adoption, Use, or Sustaining of OER in Adult Basic Education

as a “conference track.”     So… I”m going to think about the OpenStax model and … what’s been done for adult basic ed in my experience.   There is also an option for “five minute, lightning” talk but … I think I’d need 25 minutes b/c I would need to familiarize people with adult ed realities.   And of course they might not want to hear about one staff person’s experience out in the wild.

But now it’s time for a bike ride.  NEed to go talk to the clouds about how much snow to bring 🙂

Extra hits on my blog today but seems *not* from the interactions of yesterday since the MathiaX Review is most popular page.   (No, they haven’t reached out to me to convince me it’s not just glorified practice, as promised…)

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