Side tracks

Posted on March 22, 2018


… It’s that O-G training… I decided I wanted to incorporate “connecting representations” from the get go, from Jump Street.

The link to the Google Doc that has images for number, domino icon and number line representation of the numbers 0 through 10  (yes, zero) lives here.      It’s 4:00 so I shan’t try to upload the images to the website — that’s a Crappy Weather This Weekend task (rain, wind and possible some snow — crappy for cycling,  but I shall reach 400 miles for the month today…)

What could you do with them?

When I taught language fundamentals, one nifty “independent activity” involved taking three sentences, writing them on index cards, and cutting them up into 3 phrases each.   They got tucked into an envelope.   The student’s job was to put them together into their sentences and write them down.

A set of these could be tucked into an envelope and treated likewise.   Niftiness would be if there were a platform or big page or magnets so they could just be arranged on said surface —  just gross motor and thinking 🙂

oh, let’s see if I’ve used up too much of wordpress space and share ’em… welp, they may be a little shrunk but originally all of same kind of rep were same so when you grab them they should be… all CC-0 licensed– share as you like!  Copy, whatever 🙂

But now back to GEOGEBRA 🙂