Next Num Line Done :)

Posted on March 6, 2018


Whereas repeated retrieval is a good thing… I went back and wrote out everything I did for developing a number line activity doing it vertically instead of horizontally.

I skipped the 3 steps for checking out whether the numbers were actually lined up on the number line (within 1 of the y axis) so it was 34 steps.

I remembered several of the painful parts. Notes are important.

I actually think I like that moving the points doesn’t reset the “check me.”   You click “check” and it tells you perfect or that you got N in the wrong place.  You move ’em around, and status changes.

Now, tis isn’t a worksheet with directions (which is niftily easy to construct – there’s so much awesome “we thought of that!” with geogebra the program itself…)

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