More visuals :)

Posted on March 3, 2018


A site full of virtual manipulates, which seem to be javascript 😉 🙂 Free, but not “OER.”

The Open Education people seem to be mostly about Changing How Institutions Do THings.   Power In Numbers has been about curating and sharing OER for adult ed.   This is at such a smaller scale!

I keep finding sources such as the one and #mtbos folks who are sharing resources via social media.   Is there any reason for them to license these and get them in the OER repositories?   When I suggest it … I feel like I”m suggesting extra work w/ no obvious benefits and … if it were me, I’d think twice on general principle.   (Sign up for what?)

I can “find” them and submit them to … but they’re not as organized as, say, LearnZillion — and they’re possibly not as polished or vetted (I’m thinking of some of the geogebra things)… but then, Khan Academy also unpolished.

Innumeracy is a pretty humongous problem, and I’d think having awesome libraries of well organized, well-vetted resources would be desirable.   How can that happen?