Posted on March 1, 2018


…. a student stated that for the first time in their life, the answer to a math question had just come to them.   (Yes, I’m adopting “they/them” for increased anonymity.)

Better to get folks early, but college is not too late.   (Also, depending on individual, it’s never too late for smiley faces…)

Successfully swapped fractions for integers but … not satisfactorily.   I still used the X-axis and zooming that closely in complicates life.       Looked for divisibility stuff in geogebra and found 3 nice ones, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to discern how they were constructed.   Also found this:

Hope it is/was just a “playing around” work in progress, not a snarky, wrong, poorly designed exercise… and  I need to label my thingies “work in progress” with a text box somewhere ’cause the same could be said for most of them…

Tomorrow’s a drinking holiday, and they’re probably warming up now, so … caution on the ride home…


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