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Saturday :)

March 31, 2018


Holy Saturday…. We’re going to have a ‘teacher resource fair’ — a “one-stop event for faculty to learn more about available textbook options and alternatives.  In addition, there could be sessions offered that day for faculty to present how they have used innovative textbook options, and we would also promote the resources available through the […]

More learning in geogebra

March 30, 2018


(Category:   boring commentary on learning computer stuff.) First, a Canvas observation:   somebody tweeted about the amazing community and linked to a discussion question.  It exemplified Canvas.  A person posted an issue – wanting to make an “image gallery” (with explanation), and was told “well, you can’t do that in Canvas.”   The person expressed her disappointment […]

#OER article

March 29, 2018

0 Purty guid summary… and of the things it would be good to invest in, “ancillary materials,” especially for math and science, was *first mentioned.* Waving hand….   can I help?

Math ‘integration’

March 28, 2018


I’ve been asked by an adult ed teacher to meet and talk about math, and there have been questions that have come up online. I could write a few books w/ the specific strategies for getting students learning and building math ideas… but what about generalities? Number one would prob’ly be “make visual connections” — […]

Need a bigger stovetop

March 28, 2018


Lots of pots on the fire! All the stuff for the job, already.  Also: Power in Numbers, YES.   Going to Twitte rMath Camp.  Faculty Summer Institute presentation:  YES.   Holy Week!  Geogebra! Modumath lessons! Wow.   And I described it as “just showing people how to do some stuff I already know how to do…”   Welp, Marva […]


March 24, 2018


Boring post — no fun links or resources. No notice on the Faculty Summer INstitute status.   Happily, the thing I signed for Power In Numbers has enough detail so that … actually it is a *better* fit than the first one b/c it’s organizing lessons and creating a guide (which of course … I actually […]


March 23, 2018


I just watched the webinar from last week (the one where I asked most of the questions – 2 and a followup).   I learned a lot about OpenStax and open textbooks, including that it takes between half a million and a million dollars to get an actual book out there because they actually have high […]

Side tracks

March 22, 2018


… It’s that O-G training… I decided I wanted to incorporate “connecting representations” from the get go, from Jump Street. The link to the Google Doc that has images for number, domino icon and number line representation of the numbers 0 through 10  (yes, zero) lives here.      It’s 4:00 so I shan’t try to upload […]

It worked!

March 21, 2018


Business math.   “110 day loan for 90,000 at six percent.”   On day 30 pays back 21,000 on day 70 pays back 15,000.”   Student to fill in first adjusted balance, second adjusted balance, and final maturity amount. Student does know from calculating interest. Explanation (w/ some discussion, student filling in stuff ):   You have a loan […]

focus, focus

March 20, 2018


(It’s not happening yet…) I just sent this email to Power in Numbers: Have you seen   in geogebra?  It’s a whole BOOK for GED …  The “Isle of Mathematics” looks to have a trove of good things, and Geogebra is CC-BY … And I just saw a cool webinar (only because students aren’t here […]