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Focus, focus

February 16, 2018


Serendipity!   I’m trying to do that minimalist fraction stuff and this fraction lesson is linked to on twitter.   Yes, it’s Illustrative Math (IM) and I love this promotion of **going back** and doing stuff from earlier because that’s what they need.   This linked to a lesson on fraction number lines which is exactly what the quiz […]

Distances and spaces

February 14, 2018


One of my learners was working on the ALEKS activity where they are to place points on a number line.   The lines are split into, say, eighths; the two mixed numbers are usually one that’s in eighths … and the other in fourths. Student’s question?   Why didn’t the first line – the 0 – count?  […]

another article …

February 12, 2018

0  This outlines a program done first in New York, then in Detroit; they then attempted to replicate it elsewhere. Essentially, the original design provided all kinds of “wrap-around” services — including a bus pass.   The replication efforts were designed & executed by those schools because you can’t replicate New York in Ohio, and the […]

Don’t drop that mic :)

February 9, 2018


I think I have a microphone that will get me good sound quality for the Camtasia stuff!  (Yes, geogebra, you’ve been back-burnered for a spell).   It’s not great yet but now it’s a matter of refining, not cringing when I hear the sibilances or sighing that the volume is 30% what it should be.  […]


February 1, 2018


Geogebra:  it’s that easy! … for people who already love math.