Further along…

Posted on February 28, 2018


Discerned that I *did,* in fact, finish the minimum for the first 3 chapters of the six in Basic Math.  Hmmm… maybe get chap four this week?

Filled out the form for Desmos fellowship b/c I’m willing to invest that much time (well and yes!  I would almost certainly *love* to go immerse in it and learn it well — and figure out how to apply it to my basic folks…)     Demurred from submitting a video about “my favorite feature” of Desmos but linked to … my other stuff, and my thoughts about it as good way to connect visual-concrete to abstract.   Resigned myself to probability that these folks are also having so much fun with the potential for their world that my “remedial” & “sped”  world is SEP (someone else’s problem), but still throwing things up the flagpole.

Ride in was great –  50 degrees!!!    Striking contrast in interactions…  I reflected on the difference of the relationships when you’re waving and when you’re saluting (and not “I have to salute you b/c you outrank me” salute…)

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