Remediation Article N + 1

Posted on February 26, 2018


Okay, first, it suffers from “looking for the solution.”   What works best?

… drum roll… wait for it …

It             depends

Different students need different things.

Nope, they can’t go there.   It talks about acceleration and eliminating remediation not necessarily being a good idea, and then talks about “co-requisite” remediation, and that everything needs to be re-done, with this model of pruning the instruction to what’s needed to get through the college level courses.

Essentially, it’s a “bigger band aid” approach.

No down and dirty discussion of actual math stuff (heaven forfend) which is so extremely variable and one of the big factors upon which “it depends.”

So!   Short-staffed this week but still going to *try* to get at least two Modumath lessons spruced and spiffled… and see about turning the geogebra worksheet into a useful template (e.g., with directiosn for modifying it).

(so will have to wait… but I’ve been thinking of posting about the deal when students ask when they will use stuff in math, and teachers say they’ll use the stuff they learn about thinking, and then you ask what exactly they learn about thinking and … get really vague answers… and this might just be a bit more specific…)