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Posted on February 19, 2018


… wet ride in (but … I just couldn’t take the bus… felt so good to ride…)

I figured out, I *think*, the geogebra issue as the brain synthesized towards sleep.   I’m wagering I did my cute little change, went back to test and *did not* close out the ‘settings’ window.   You can’t test things, even in the “use me!” mode, if that window is open.   (I’d bet a dollar that it’s not in the documentation, tho’ I might have seen and forgotten if it weren’t highlighted.)

I’m still absolutely in the “boring practice is a good thing” stage, though… and, I tell my ego, none of the folks who watched my screenshot saw it either.

There’s an article about research about procedural vs. conceptual instruction for SpEd… I *swear* I had written up an article about actual classroom practices which also had painfully lopsided bar graphs showing we spend just about all our time on procedures if they’re in SpEd.   Not finding.

Twitter Math Camp!   I had already tentative leaned towards tossing my name in the lottery when I foudn out it would be in Ohio — a comfy drive, and I have a caR!… saw the “put in to be a speaker” thing go out… wondered, when registration? when registration?

So Saturday I’m playing in rabbit holes and… hello! A tweet!   I have ’til midnight to get on the lottery!   I click through and … that window opened noon Friday.   I put mine through.   The tweet that I saw was tagging #educolor and suggesting we try to get more diversity… and I hope it happened.   Seems 157 people put in for the 92 spots, and I’ve gotten one.   I am wondering how many people are going to express anger at such a small window.   Thing is the whole conference is 20 bucks (yea, I have to find lodging too …)   and it’ll be weird.   Still, I did the bikejournal thing and … yea, you find peeps. You can get along with anybody for a few days, anyway.

(I also tweeted that hey, if students were going to do a walkout… we could support their education creatively…)

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