Posted on February 17, 2018


REally missing Mary Cliff’s “folk music and things you can see from there” show.  She’d have found the songs people have been singing *forever* — new ones and ancient ones, from all over the world — about the realities of evil and what people do to get around it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch … last night I did a screen cast of the latest geogebra mystery.   It’s been deemed “odd behavior” — held my fingers back from saying that it is a typical experience, though.   Removing caption from a point disables the buttons.   is the two minutes and I will be very pleasantly surprised if somebody figures it out.   Just linked to it (  for mine, is the “original” app. My students need more than one time with math so I wanted to make the numbers simpler — they’re learning positive and negative — and also to be able to generate five numbers, each one a random integer from a different part of number line. THat part was easy and is the quality of geogebra that keeps me coming back for more   😉

THose buttons have a lot of other mysteries.   When I make modifications * … suddenly I have to check them as “true” before they’ll even work.   All the parts I can actually change in the settings… don’t affect this.   It’s … something else.   Odd behavior.

So!   I’m realizing that actually, because of these mysteries (and they are legion), working from somebody else’s project is a mistake unless I want to do exactly what it does.     “okay, it works, good enough!”  or “let’s make this good programming” — I’m afraid I’m looking for the latter.

So the plan is to give this another hour or so… and then back to the MOdumath which is wretchedly, ,TOTALLY of the “just make something that works.”   Then devote an hour to … putting things like image files on *my* little website.

*(I don’t know which one because   there doesn’t seem to be a way to write little tests into what you’re doing to see what makes another object change  and it takes a fair amoutn of time to save the project, go out, re-load it and test it…)

Update:  as I predicted, got a way to do what I need to do but the “why did it break?”  question goes unexplored.

Update:   I figured it out (and tweeted that I’d figured it otu, and it was painfully obvious, and that my only consolation was nobody else had figured it out either).   It’s the “oh, nothing works if the settings window is open” rule.   I also want to see if/where that is in the documentation.   Happily, disappearing that window lets me test things without saving and reloading.  Upping to 20% including this in the proposed FSI session (and thinking that like OER, ‘geogebra’ may be a ‘hot topic.’)