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More things to try

January 13, 2018


So… chatted w/ students who are too last-minute to get into classes but they’d be pre-college level classes anyway so they *could* come in for free and by the way people who’ve followed through and done that *have* placed out of the developmental classes. Yes, it’s like a gym membership — the overwhelming majority don’t […]


January 11, 2018


My bike ride after doing my powerpoint about exponents inspired me to do the necessary translation to de-escalate my verbal logic stuff and bring in the visuals.   The trick will be to find a way to make a *story* out of the stuff anyway. Yes, I still want a graphic novel math learning experience 😉  […]

puny gifs :)

January 8, 2018


   Okay, these *are* puny (that’s double-sized).    It’s all relative 🙂 Still, I’ve got the visual concept. I only speculate that the other gif — the exploding one — might help with the attention needed to preclude Going Back To Just Multiplying, though probably more important is an active learning experience that the gifs […]


January 8, 2018


  My first animated gif from GIMP.    Yes, it’s Powerpoint season — exponents are lesson 1.6 in Modumath and I want a little more visual and concrete than they’ve got.  That took about half an hour… we’ll see   … now that I can see that it works I’ll explode the 3 and have it […]

Epiphany :)

January 6, 2018


The holiday, not something that has happened today (at least yet). GOing to give geogebra an hour — but yes, it’s going on back burner because no, it’s not something I”ll be able to actually h.  elp students learn with at this point and students are showing up at my door now.    139 views […]

extra sports

January 5, 2018


I’d participated in “reviewing” lessons from Illustrative Math, and I focused on the “support” lessons, which it was noted were largely undeveloped. We got the feedback from comments and a nice table with everybody’s comments and replies to them. Mine weren’t included.   You see, they are “on hold with the extra sports” to see if […]

Meeting, DONE :)

January 4, 2018


So… I missed a flurry of emails last night ’cause I was home not checking work email about whether this morning’s meeting should be put off.   Have I mentioned how much I don’t fit well into this kind of role?   Fortunately, everybody who needed to be there was there and … they’re awesome people 🙂 […]

bare walls

January 3, 2018


Yesterday somebody tweeted the question as to what ‘good cause’ we’d put money into if we had a mess of it. I’d want to invest in developing a “game culture” that instead of battles and killing, developed engaging and addicting forays into rescuing citizens and sabotaging warmongers. The scenario could be before or after the […]

Brisk! public version…

January 1, 2018


Okay, it was -15 … ten below at 9:00.   Yes, I rode to Parkland at 11 below twice.   However, it was on a regular day and things were open. On the third hand, it’s only 2 miles, not 6.5. So… figuring out to stick to procedural questions about Geogebra:   seems the  “this is hard to […]