Celtic, Celtic

Posted on January 23, 2018


…. pronounced w/ /k/ at both ends, thank you…

35 degrees and I was thinking I was overdressing — dudes, it’s *above freezing!!*

Then I got out into it, and … the radio guys haven’t actually talked about weather since Ed Keiser got canned. Online weather said “cloudy.”  No, dear ones, it was a moderate mist.   Happily not foggy mist, but definitely, precisely the *coldest feeling weather in the world* — wet and 30’s.

Except because I overdressed, it didn’t get through the layers, so … it was really nice.   Not full endorphin blast, but … if that’s whiskey, this was Irish Cream.   I charged the light at Prospect (didn’t make it) for some elevated heart rate…

Another bike parked up under things but there’s room … ready to get stuff out of this day!

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