Week TWO

Posted on January 22, 2018


Gonna try to have Modumath 1.9 as a “necessary,”  and … division and divisibility are next.

Following geogebra tweets (tweetdeck is the way to do that, though it doesn’t let me do snipping tool pastes in posts; it does let me just follow along a ‘twitter chat.’)   I’m realizing these people love the visual stuff.   No wonder there are communication issues with an algebra thinker who wants logic 😉

Goal:   Modumath lessons finished for exponents and … find good visuals for division and divisibility.  I’ve despaired of finding the cool things at Khan Academy — of *course* the thing I like is impossible to find again!   It was a nifty little visual where you enter a number and that many dots would show up… you enter a factor and it would put the dots in rows of that many factors.   You could see right away if all the rows were even.   It should be achievable in geogebra… but *after* the powers that be 🙂


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