Posted on January 14, 2018


So a person working w/ second graders wanted to know cute sayings to help the folks *not* always try to borrow.   You bet the responses were all about “NO! NO CUTE SAYINGS!”  and broadened to include algorithms on the NO list.

Also suggested were “More on hte top, no need to stop! More on the floor, go next door to get some more…”

There were lots of very good suggestions and pictures of manipulatives and conceptual activities, too.

My contribution:

DOn’t be totally afraid of algorithms. In my experience, HOnestly, once we’ve figured something out, we need language to file the idea efficiently and also to make connections and abstractions. So “more on the top, no need to stop” could be *helping* them go down the right path and the words are in tune with exactly what it means (as opposed to things like “ours is not to question why, just invert and multiply”). Just don’t make it a meaningless recitation

(yea, I stuck in “In my experience” b/c that’s what I do to sound at least a teeny bit lest knowitall…)

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