Posted on January 11, 2018


My bike ride after doing my powerpoint about exponents inspired me to do the necessary translation to de-escalate my verbal logic stuff and bring in the visuals.   The trick will be to find a way to make a *story* out of the stuff anyway. Yes, I still want a graphic novel math learning experience 😉   HOwever, for now… let’s focus on second power being all about the squares, based on the amazing way students actually *processed what that meant* from the Cheezits lesson.   (If that link doesn’t work ’cause you have to be me to use it, just search oercommons.org for ‘cheezits’.)

Tech-wise, though, my Camtasia videos have low sound levels … because if I use headset w/ mic I get all kinds of sibilance and distortion.    So I swung across the hall to our tech “open house” to get advice and… oops, they haven’t connected Camtasia and Powerpoint. I yielded to the 8 faculty who were trying to get ready for the semester and ducked out.   (I griped at this morning’s speaker session where we were all to sign in and **if we were faculty** we might win raffle for copy of books.   Maybe she didn’t mean it, and didnt’ realize that yea, some staff were SO NERDY that we’d come hear the speaker… or maybe not.   THe talk was lots about getting away from spewing content and into getting to know students *and* mandating practicing actual retrieval practice because that’s what helps a person learn)

Yes, I thought about the way Id be able to do things so much more *mathematically* if I used geogebra but that’s the xiousgeonz “quit before you have finished something becasue you think you have something better to learn” (it’s a Meyers-Briggs INTP thing)   scenario.   Dudes, I NEED SOMETHING THAT WORKS.

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