puny gifs :)

Posted on January 8, 2018


3tothe1st3tosecond3tothe3rd3tothefourth   Okay, these *are* puny (that’s double-sized).    It’s all relative 🙂

Still, I’ve got the visual concept.

I only speculate that the other gif — the exploding one — might help with the attention needed to preclude Going Back To Just Multiplying, though probably more important is an active learning experience that the gifs would be reminders of.

… oh, and 🙂 … also demonstrating the same concept with dots, lines, squares and cubes and groups of cubes.

Next:   Make quiz in D2L “connecting representations”  of the exponent, the multiplication, and pictorial representations with dots and cubes … (yes, that could be done in geogebra, too, and then it would be open, but this part’s in between ‘necessary’ and ‘possible,’ and geogebra’s in ‘I can dream, can’t I?’)

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