Epiphany :)

Posted on January 6, 2018


The holiday, not something that has happened today (at least yet).

GOing to give geogebra an hour — but yes, it’s going on back burner because no, it’s not something I”ll be able to actually h.  elp students learn with at this point and students are showing up at my door now.    139 views of my questions and no suggestions or hints or responses, tho’ there also isn’t a lot of action in general.   Just for fun and documentation, I’ll keep trying to post questions… just posted an attempted clarification and it got retweeted at least.   (I really hate the side mystery of wondering how this all works in the twitter psychology.)
Here goes the hour — I’ll see if the linked-to number line exercise works better and… I can actually ask its author about any “black box” things that come along.

I *did* make a Google account and a “classroom” in it and I expect to sign up the first student Monday.    Note to self:   make it finite:   Hmmm…. 3 weeks is what I *vaguely* remember as being a good length.

Should be last day of frigidity here.   Hope all the ecologically proper things that cold weather imparts have happened and we can do January Thaw.    I’ll bundle up and sneak out in the heat of the day — should get to 5 or so…

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