Meeting, DONE :)

Posted on January 4, 2018


So… I missed a flurry of emails last night ’cause I was home not checking work email about whether this morning’s meeting should be put off.   Have I mentioned how much I don’t fit well into this kind of role?   Fortunately, everybody who needed to be there was there and … they’re awesome people 🙂

It’s also nice that no, I haven’t gotten any replies to my #ggbchat question so I can focus on that project. Geogebra?   It’s pretty much a “black box” situation.   I don’t know how to get ‘in’ and figure out how that thing works (and there probably isn’t a way).   Tangentially, I’m thinking I could make text commands  to serve as ‘figure out what’s happening with this value’ as I would in Java.  I see there are cool activities to go along with Illustrative Math including this one  that has students putting things on a number line 🙂   However, knowing what I know about black boxes, no, I’m not particularly excited.   And speaking of Illustrative Math, got back feedback about the feedback about the ‘in progress’ unit with a table of all the comments and their responses (either “fixed!” or “here’s our thinknig… … well, not all of them; mine weren’t there.    Mine were focused on the ‘support’ part of the course which they said was going to get more development… I *hope* so but maybe that’s wishful thinking.   As one of the guys at the meeting today and I were noting, lots of documentation of support stuff amounts to putting nice words onto things (“growth mindset!”  “Scaffold”) and then just doing what you were doing with everybody else anyway.

2:46 this frigid day (schools closed).   More people on bus than Tuesday, though!  Let’s see what I can get inspired to create in the next 2 hours…

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