bare walls

Posted on January 3, 2018


Yesterday somebody tweeted the question as to what ‘good cause’ we’d put money into if we had a mess of it.

I’d want to invest in developing a “game culture” that instead of battles and killing, developed engaging and addicting forays into rescuing citizens and sabotaging warmongers.

The scenario could be before or after the apocalypse…

That said… biked in today because yes, 16 is a heat wave.   Forgot my bag, though, so if I decide to bus home I’ll need to fork over the dollar.   My immune system told me I needed the benefits of a ride (**so far** have not gotten The Crap despite exposure).  The bike rack near my door was plowed, tho’ I don’t oft park there since the Transport is prone to falling over.   I’ve got bags on both sides now but… it’s still flopped on over a bit…

Tomorrow is training and I’ve arranged for bagels and coffee — coworker with car will pick it up.   Alas, I’m already dropping balls though — didn’t arrange for a room.   Will wait another hour for reply and then … we’ll have it here and maybe that will motivate me to tidy up 🙂

And… I’ve hit another little wall in geogebra.   No, not the scripting or programming.   It’s figuring out how the template created the polygons, which when one point has new coordinate set, moves the whole polygon.   I know how to create a rectangle with a fun mess of geometry that stays a rectangle — but even that would, I think, just stay a *rectangle.*   I am pretty sure there’s some way to assign the length of the assorted segments of the polygon but when I did what the assorted documentation said to do, it didn’t look like the template and started getting very complex, so … I stopped and yes, made so bold as to post a question to #ggbchat.   We’ll see if I’ve become unwelcome there.

It also makes for a good real stopping point.   I’m thinking this will be like Canvas — just not penetrable at the “making stuff” level unless you can spend >10 hours/week on it and… perhaps also … the end product also requires a student to have a certain level of  computer and math literacy.   Hey, if you don’t have it yet, it’s not our job any more, right?  WRONG.


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