Success! (albeit fleeting…)

Posted on December 26, 2017


… oh, that was Sunday.  Would be too much to ask for more, eh?

TOday my “reset”  button has disappeared — it’s in the construction protocol that records my steps as I do things (which I had thought was easier to deal with than just code — changing that perspective!)   but … can’t find it, can’t edit it.  Seems it wasn’t visible in the most recent one, too — so I have to go back to … the version where I can’t get to any settings.

And … yes it’s the holidays so nobody else is doing this so I shouldn’t expect twitter support.

But I’m also thinking that this true “down”time would be when I actually *could* figure out JavaScript, HTML5 — which they are doing on PhET, so it’s not as if there’s no math ed direction to it anywhere.

Welp, it’s 5 degrees outside so I might as well walk through those 58 steps from scratch.   Let’s go 🙂

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