It’s Christmas Day, Sir!

Posted on December 26, 2017


(No, ghosts didn’t see the big Scrooge… )

I have music 🙂  WNCW  out of North Carolina… my friend snagged me a cable that will connect my tablet to my big ancient stereo and spew things out real speakers 🙂   It’s … almost like Mary Cliff and “Traditions” of old…

Riding on the cold streets it’s too easy to be transported to last year on the 28th and … riding  and wondering… Police… Fire, ambulance…  turning around and asking and getting a discreet “it doesn’t look good”  and realizing I could bypass the officer of the law in the front door and go ’round to the back of my friend’s house … but he was gone.   (Yes, I wonder about the assorted medications that the small print talks about increased heart attack risk…)

It’s pretty nasty cold — 17 — but yes, I can dress for it.

And yes, I peeked at geogebra.  The shuffle seems to regulate the “starting point”  for the quadrilaterals but not the rest of the points.  So how’s that work? The tutorials were all about what one had to do to keep a quadrilateral a quadrilateral — not just sticking points on, but making parallel and perpendicular lines.   I don’t see any sign that this was done here — but that could be one of those invisible things. I’ve peeked at settings to see if there are back-door things like buttons that don’t seem to do anything but *other* things that say “I happen when that button is clicked.”   Or.. could be “fixing” the points takes care of that.   We’ll see… on the morrow.

Easy to crawl under covers early when it’s cold 🙂




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