Almost quiet

Posted on December 13, 2017


… but not quiet enough to do the Geogebra thing.   Saw another bragpost about Mathia and commented that I’m holding out ’til I see evidence it’s not just practice, and I got the anticipated “It makes scores go up!!!”

My reply:   that practice will do that; that I’m not saying Mathia is a bad thing … but if it hasn’t improved over MathiaX per my earlier experience,   … yea, I am.   Not bad for everybody but like Khan Academy… I think it’s bad to make false claims about a product, including that it’s not just practice, it’s “learning” software and that it’s for everybody including “Response To Intervention” folks and others who struggle… and the implication that students will learn concepts (because the concepts come to you if you do enough practice).

… and it’s 4:12, but just enough folks here needing just enough help… and 40 mph winds so I might be taking the bus home (and the car thing to Mass).

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