“Visual” math & devEd

Posted on December 6, 2017


From my tweetworld: screenshot visual approach factoring polynomials

I think this is an excellent idea:   present these potentially overwhelming streams of symbols in a way that helps the learner know what to look at.   (I also think we need to include practice reading stuff without that little crutch.)

That said, it’s just a better-looking presentation of … symbols.   It doesn’t show a person, visually, what the symbols mean.   So, on the “concrete-representational-abstract” continuum, it should be in early “abstract.”  It’s not really “making math visual.”

Speaking of that, I’m looking over the “Illustrative Math” lesson to review it (it’s advance review so not a thing to be shared yet)… and I’m going to focus on the “Extra Supports.”   There’s a statement about “More work will be done …”  and hopefully I can contribute some ideas esp. for the visual-kinesthetic types (who are often helped a *lot* by the stuff of that twitter link up there).    I already found this little gem: exponents with manipulatives

Today two “I’m succeeding and I own it!”   turnarounds 🙂   Also a “disappearer” practicing for assessment dropped by and is registered for next semester 🙂

That said, big picture:   da guvmint thinks we need to stop ahving students go into debt w/ developmental courses.  Obvious “solution:”   Don’t require them any more.    Not that that actually works.   (That said:  YES what we’ve got now is badly broken.)   Our challenge: to structure things so that it’s better than “well, at least you flunk out faster!”