Geogebra … crash

Posted on December 3, 2017


Wow.   Just… wow.

It seems that asking a question without a screenshot is a mortal sin.   I asked what “BP” stood for — thinking, (forgive me!!! mea culpa and I mean that, to a degree)… that BP was a common heading to the spreadsheet thing about each element in your app.   I quipped that it might mean a few things..

…first reply?   That it stood for ‘bad post.”

Okay… I replied, “Okay, so you don’t know either?” and described where it was, and then went to try to get a screenshot… and realized that no, it wasn’t at the end of the assorted things I’d looked at and I didn’t remember where it was.

So… I let it lie.  I ran into five more brick walls… and went for an awesome bike ride. Little did I know.

Well, I went back today to ask another question — and the thread had been “archived.”  It had continued, including “screenshot?”   and then a couple of people talking about this being a common problem —  the long post was in Spanish, but it conveyed that people wasted a LOT of time on people who didn’t give enough information. (This was not the original “bad post” person.)

So I’ve replied and apologized

apologies. I understand, now, that it is deemed a fatal flaw not to have a screenshot.

I incorrectly thought that “BP” was a common heading and went back to try to make a screen shot and didn’t find it on the first two objects I checked… so I stopped trying and figured I’d let it be.

I understand you don’t see any help in a question like this.

So… this is a thing a lot of people do! It’s a general problem!

You could not spend time at all by … not replying. Then your precious time is not wasted.


You could reply “screenshot, please!”

You could “archive” things which I infer is to deem the post not worth reading??

You could do your best to make sure people like me never come back. Thanks!

Don’t worry… I’ll keep trying.”

However, when I posted my other question… I’m “moderated.”

Now, maybe my other four questions were also borderline too stupid to be true?

I mean, other questions I’ve read were shouting and carrying on. Guess that’s okay.

I’m thinking probably this is one individual, possibly two, who are passing judgment.

However, geogebra, I am getting the clear, strong message that no, this is not an open community.

Now, I’m going to treat it like the bicycling community.   If the hammerheads (I think psychologically these may be the equivalent:   the ‘leaders’ who get a charge from the competitive atmosphere and feed off each others’ egos ) make newbies unwelcome, then … where can I find, or carve out,  a welcoming community?

And to clarify I commented that, since I was being “moderated,” I’d treat it like StackOverflow and just read answers and not post questions.

I figure they might be proud that they’re like Stack Overflow… or not.

Now, I’ve tripped over another problem with “text” objects.  Same as before:   I can’t figure out how to get to where it’s code.   (Oh, I’m pretty sure that Spanish post was pretty snarky about people who ask dumb questions and don’t read the wiki.   They don’t believe that we do — that the wiki is only useful if you know where to look.  If it says I can have Text () or Text (” “) but doesn’t say where to find that option on the platform, or just what I can put in ye olde parentheses… I’m not going to know what to do.)  Time for a ride 🙂

Now, I *did* find how to do “text” stuff — by going to the input bar and coding it in there.   It was in the wiki.  (Help process:  wiki, then google for movies, then forum, then write question in blog, and then the next day post question on twitter)

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