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Posted on November 29, 2017


SetCoords Command 

SetCoords( <Object>, <x>, <y> )
Changes cartesian coordinates of free objects. This command uses values of the coordinates, not their definitions, therefore the object stays free.
Note: This command now works for Sliders, Buttons, Checkboxes, Input Boxes, Images. If “Absolute Screen Position” is selected then xy are in screen pixels.
My template has stuff like this
and it’s the “on Click” code for the “reset” button.   I assume these are what send the shapes and text boxes back to where they started.
Clueless am I:
  • it says it now works for an assortment of objects, but the object in my example doesn’t happen to be any of them — I’m pretty sure it is a point.  So am I in the wrong place?  Or am I expected to know that it “always” worked for points?
  • What does x(%2) mean?  I’m thinking something that means ‘a point you assign at some point’ —  like “the second choice of points from my list.”

Just keep clicking and guessing!

What would be useful?   Erm, some examples.   Okay, *really* useful would be the different ways you could use it and what they looked like (e.g., my example).   Snork.


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