Another webinar!

Posted on November 20, 2017


It’s a little harder for me to talk about this webinar, w/ Jo Boaler, because a:  I was there, and b: I’ve been following Boaler’s work for a few years now, so this wasn’t such new territory.   I remember that first “Mindset” course for teachers 🙂   Number talks and dot cards, yes!

The gist is something I’ve agreed with, forever:   we’ve *got* to get their brains engaged in understanding, not survival.   Once we’ve got them at least beginning to believe… then it’s up to us to think “big ideas” and ways of making things visual and conceptual so that even if we can’t teach them everything in the world in our limited time, we can teach them to think flexibly about what we have been teaching them… and yes, we need to teach that skill of thinkng flexibly…

We didn’t talk that much about OER and of course, she works for Stanford, not Desmos.

It was quiet this morning — for which I’m extremely grateful.   I got the administrative things like phone calls done.  Curves, curves, curves, and a thing or two that hopefully won’t turn into land mines.


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