wow :)

Posted on November 2, 2017


I *think* I did a mess of admin stuff reasonably well, checked the to do list … and *then* dove into Geogebra for a few minutes exploring instead of  random distractions (like blogging?)

boolean geogebra capture.PNG

So there’s a function for dragging and dropping.   This has been my dream for years 🙂

Now I have no idea what the two things refer to (I know they are the thing that has been dragged, and the ‘region’ it’s being asked whether it’s in or not and C1 is a polygon).   Since I want you to pick the right point …. I’ll have to think on that 🙂   Maybe I’ll make, yes… a polygon for you to drag the number into to label the point.

Annoying that I had to take a picture of the screen with my PHONE to capture that.  Annoying: You can’t copy and paste that text even though you can select it; Annoying: since it goes away when you click on something else and gets replaced by true or false, I couldn’t use the snipping tool.   Astounding that inside of three minutes I had it anyway.   Tech’s astounding when it works.

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