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Another webinar!

November 20, 2017


It’s a little harder for me to talk about this webinar, w/ Jo Boaler, because a:  I was there, and b: I’ve been following Boaler’s work for a few years now, so this wasn’t such new territory.   I remember that first “Mindset” course for teachers 🙂   Number talks and dot cards, yes! The gist is […]

Inclusion, eh?

November 15, 2017


Interesting American Institutes for Research article in EdWeek about inclusion and the idea that it simply decreases actual instructional time — not because the sped students are “slower” but because of behavior issues. It basically says teachers don’t have good training (‘lack knowledge of positive classroom management techniques,” etc.)… … but otherwise … yea, I’ve […]

Wish I knew…

November 14, 2017


Let’s talk about this on general terms… So a student comes in and … they’re struggling.   There’s a lot they seem to know… strengths abound… but wham!  they keep crashing and burning… … how much is the math model? … how much is oh, symbol overload (e.g., students who will have no trouble w/ the […]

more geogebra annoyances

November 6, 2017


So I make a point like it says to do in the “how to make text” because I want to make text that is attached to a point so it moves when I drag it. It says “Then, a dialog appears where you may enter your text, which can be static, dynamic, or mixed.” Now, […]


November 5, 2017


Geogebra.   “Lists” are a lot like arrays, tho’ the first element is list(1) not zero; zero will get “undefined. No, I still have no idea how to actually SET THE STUPID X AXIS TO THE SIZE I WANT.   I mean, I know how to set it but it changes if I so much as move […]

The beat goes on

November 3, 2017


Further progress in The Project.   So — going to up the threshold for what I post here.   The “gee I had a good day” type stuff will go to “”  … and I’ll post here as if I had 73 or more followers because there’s ever so bit of chance that could happen. Growth mindset. […]

wow :)

November 2, 2017


I *think* I did a mess of admin stuff reasonably well, checked the to do list … and *then* dove into Geogebra for a few minutes exploring instead of  random distractions (like blogging?) So there’s a function for dragging and dropping.   This has been my dream for years 🙂 Now I have no idea what […]