Unproductive struggle

Posted on October 28, 2017


Call me an idiot but no, I can’t figure out how to actually do jack with Geogebra.   “Make a new worksheet” gets me a lovely front pagey thing where I give it a title… and then… I have to add something.

There is utterly insufficient guidance.   Okay, does this mean I don’t want to make a worksheet?  THat I want to make an applet?   The only things I can “create” are worksheets and books.   I figure (silly me?) that a worksheet would be a better place to start than a book.

There’s a link to “calculator.”  Can you understand why an intelligent person would think that was not where to go to create something?   Yet that is where I get a disply that looks like the applets I have found.   Can you understand how sick I am of dead ends?

I thought (silly me) I was learning something from the “manuals” which … I’ve worked through all three of.   However, the manuals have all the activigties built into the page itself and they don’t include the little tidbit of where a person would go to do things from the program itself.

Hey, I found my wallet and clearly it’s time to layer up and go for a ride.   All you tweeps who love this thing?   Must be nice to know the ropes.   THey’re just tangling on me.

I’d threaten to go to Desmos but … same experience there.   It’s that “insider game” thing.