Posted on October 13, 2017


Tweetdeck is working nicely, so I can follow the tweets at the Open Education conference in Anaheim. Do I wish I were there?   Sort of.

I realized that the feeling I get in those hotels at conferences is very similar to how I would feel when I’d drive my car to work:  like so much was being wasted and burned, when there was a much more efficient and effective way to get *almost* the same results… oh, and that the  culture has entirely too many real casualties.   That feeling that the whole culture and infrastructure was designed for this level of waste and exclusivity.   That recognition that an awful lot of people were really happy and comfortable navigating it, and were doing pretty awesome things… and feeling oh, just a little sorry about that waste and exclusivity and the damage done to people’s lives but … this is the only way to get where we need to go efficiently and … yea, we want to get those good jobs with the mega-corporations making those cars and building those highways and…

Hey, am I sounding like academia-types yet?

This is the infrastructure, and these are the resources that we have, though.   OER are kinda like bike lanes — along side of the “real” road and … oh, dear, intersection design is critical and basically bad design is worse than no design.

Okay, “real stuff” needs to be done — that integer icon! — but … this might even be a useful model to inspire.   What would be analogous to “bike boulevards“?  What do we do about the fact that the good infrastructure tends to go where there’s already privilege?

That if we planned the towns better, people wouldn’t need those silly car things?   Hmmm….

I appreciated that last year’s conference wasn’t at a big ol’ expensive resort hotel (and I could stay at my brothers’ house).   I like that there’s talk of trying to get smaller scale, more local things happening – esp. if they could be shared openly….

… students are here…