Wow, atom

Posted on October 6, 2017


SLAMMED today, and it’s Thursday!  (Usually the quietest day b/c MWF and MTWF classes predominate).   Yes, the ‘cognitive entropy’ and general ‘tension’ level goes up 😦  😦   So a student or two … went elsewhere… while a couple of others read each moment and asked questions when I could answer them.

Whilst our Math Literacy course and its gligches can make me NUTS,  yet another group was in here and … all the cool stuff that’s supposed to happen with group work was happening.   (Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.)   Other students were … reasoning and thinking and figuring out what distance and area and volume were (and yes, “what would be to the fourth power?”)

And then I ducked into the “how to use Atom” on and it’s awesome 🙂   Hoping I can make sense of the using it w/ Git type things…   getting back to it…  I mean, you can make “multiple cursors” so that whatever you do happens to all of those lines!   You can fold things in so you can hide chunks of your pages.   You can look at part of your page in one pane, part of it next to it.   SO MANY TIME SAVERS!!!

… But then… GEOGEBRA   already has the back bone.   And I just found a wiki and tutorials…

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