“math gap” II

Posted on October 6, 2017


“market brief” from EdWeek  about … math skills compared to other developing countries.

No, it’s not good… and the very last thing is interesting, too… I’m trying to parse it out.

  • For U.S. adults in their 20’s, score gaps in literacy and numeracy between individuals with a high school degree and non-graduates were far wider than those for all U.S. adults (45 points for young adults versus 31 for all adults in literacy; 54 points for young adults compared to 40 for all U.S. adults in numeracy). In contrast, the scoring differences between high school graduates and those with at least an associate’s degree, for all U.S. adults and young American adults, were not measurably different, the researchers found.

So…   people aren’t learning math in college.

quieter than yestserday so time to get that last ‘necessary’ off the list and go for “possible…”  Wholly Turdbuckets, though.