50 ways to reach your learners

Posted on October 5, 2017


The fates *almost* kept me from getting to the webinar (don’t know if it was recorded); I’d put it on my Outlook Calendar but since Microsoft had called for an update, I’d done a restart and didn’t start Outlook ’til halfway through it… Adobe Connect worked nicely *and* people could chat and share, unlike Those Other Webinars.   (If you’re going to have a webinar that’s mainly sharing links, you are missing the boat if you don’t let your participants do the same.)

The resources  are on my Google Drive… as is the slide show...

It’s Thursday morning and yes, four people were here 8:00 a.m. sharp.   We figured out the teacher’s typos and how to do the scroll bar…

… had to get in around a huge hose going down the elevator shaft which has been out of commission for going on a year now.   ERm, no, it’s not an old building.   The dude was apologizing for it and I said drily that “some days, the job just sucks.”   Got a laugh : )

Now to try to make the *whole* day productive. Including the end.

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