Dumb Tricks

Posted on October 3, 2017


D’oh… deciding not to devote a mess of time to GIMPing “additive inverse — I can do it later — but YAY for Youtube… John Barclay informs that I can grab number lines by tracing spreadsheet graphs.   Note to self:   This is great for your FSI presentation (“GIMP FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE TIME TO LEARN GIMP TO MAKE COOL MATH STUFF”) .

Also dropped in on a UDL webinar that was amazingly huge on “stuff to use.”   It had the amusing title “Fifty ways to reach your learners,” and yes, the ways were phrased like the song.

Pretty busy for a Tuesday… but reasonably focused.

Other little find: Math By The Mountain describes this popular game that had students highly engaged.   As he explains “It’s like bingo, but four instead of five.”    The “game” is finding an answer and then random game stuff happens and you might win.  (You draw a problem from the hat and they solve it, and then you tell them which problem it was and they cross it off on their cards.)   He says “low prep, high engagement” — but the “prep” has happened in the learning stuff that meant they engaged in solving the problems.

So… adding this game element to otherwise mundane practice makes it so much more engaging, eh?   This is consistent with yesterday’s email from Carnegie Learning about how successful their products are… which essentially do the same thing.   They cost a whole lot more, though…