“Oer Misunderstandings” Hechinger Report

Posted on September 29, 2017


Goal:  Non-tangential Blog Titles 🙂

Three Misunderstandings about Open Educational Resources  — HOoray for not calling them “myths” 🙂

First — that the main benefit it saving money.   Okay, sorry guys but this quote is laughable: “In reality, every district we know approaches open educational resources with a single goal: to accelerate student learning by bringing the highest-quality instructional materials into classrooms. ”   Sorry, money *is* a factor.  Still, as the report goes on to say, the commercial materials aren’t meeting needs. They really aren’t very good. Also — yes, the OER are  “open,” so they can be adapted.

Second misunderstanding — that the adaptation is One MOre Burden on a teacher.   Districts are doing it.   We *could* tweak them and add all kinds of cool stuff to make them more accessible to diverse learners.   This could be awesome.

Third — that OER are supplemental side dishes:  lesson plans, activities, not the stuff of building a curriculum.   I know this is mostly potential but it is starting to be realized.

The article concludes by saying they’re not “anti-publisher” — that, back to the first idea, they Just Want What’s Best!   That they will buy stuff from major publisher’s when it’s worthy.

So!   Our challenge is to make those OER worthy 🙂

… and that other little paper, the “Math Gap” , says there’s a market for it…


I’ve put in my Google Form for the Illinois Digital Learning Lab… will hear in a few weeks.   I’ve made my “Necessary If Possible” goals for October  — *get my OER from the old website up* and *get new stuff on the website.*