Sometimes the tech is the problem.

Posted on September 28, 2017


Student comes in who needs to work on homework.  In the old days, they could have gotten out the stuff and done it.

Since student can’t remember password and doesn’t have phone to have it send him a code, so there’s nothing to be done. Student goes home.

Sigh, and *now* I remember that hey, I could have gotten to the online course by logging in as me and logging into one of my courses and simulating zzdemo, who’s enrolled in all the courses.   Well, except I’d need to know the course number *and* the section number… searching all the sections for the name on the classlist… nope.

In the LMS of my dreams I’d be able to figure it out.

Tech is also a problem for low motor skills, low vision folks for whom what seems a lovely online stage is a navigation nightmare.  FLOE!!  

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