Canvas up and down

Posted on September 28, 2017


So I visited Canvas b/c hey, I could get a new badge about “rogues”  and — they actually, at their conference, had a lively discussion of users who aren’t employees or anything, but just contribute a lot and answer a lot of questions.   (Some had fewer user points than I do, but … asking questions gets points too.)   That was so cool I earned said badge by following the ones I wasn’t already following.

That meant I got to read about the issues some of them were having wiht Canvas.  The Community is awesome.   The actual business end?   “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” replete with “solutions” that don’t actually work and hours and hours wasted.   And  no, there’s still no way to copy quizzes…

On the other hand there’s this Google Doc about a zillion ways to make a course in Canvas accessible.

Yes, it looks like it uses “good game design” ideas throughout… so … I’ll be using it as a resource … not sure where things will land.

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