Must resist~

Posted on September 25, 2017


Noted on Twitter that Eureka Math tweeted that parents might need support and replied about my Friday experience (thinking they might have read it since I tagged it).   I hope they hire somebody to engage the parents who maybe aren’t in New York  in those support materials. I’m even wondering whether one of the reasons we’re getting more students with lower skills & understanding is that there’s a clinical level of “just get the answer!”  happening and it’s not being caught.  (They can go to “I just don’t do well on tests!!”  which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and even sincere attempts to bring understanding up to speed crash into that.)

And now noting that I need to put #mtbos aside for a while 🙂 NECESSARY:   make the floor clean (this week:   the horizontal surfaces, which are beyond untidy and into “what’s growing under there?”)

(but … at 10:00 I’m going to browse and see whether those guys are going to that conference thing. )

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